Jessica Alba (Almost) Nude and Lindsay Lohan (Almost) Topless in Our Sexy Machete Revist (VIDEOS)


Since our original ‘first-look post’ of the sexy ladies of Machete, we’ve been able to upgrade the video quality of the selects, and given that we’re talking the hottie collection of Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Mayra Leal, and Michelle Rodriguez, well, definitely worth a revisit. The reaction on the film has been mixed, critically speaking, and, in a way, Egotasitcally speaking. Was the sexy celebrity nudity in the film a bit of an under-deliver? Perhaps, but let us now deliver on the best of the best from that film, which, any way you look at it, we’d not have if Machete was never made. So, two big boobs up from us on this movie review. Enjoy.

First, the ever-amazing Jessica Alba sideboobs and butt in the shower:

Watch the Clip:

(Update: thanks for all our readers in the know for pointing out that Jessica Alba shot this scene in bra and panties, later air-brushed out by producers. See story and ‘before’ photos here.)

Next, ginger-spicy, Lindsay Lohan, showing almost all of her boobs, so very very close.

Watch the Clips:

(Update: many many readers insist they see Lindsay Lohan nipple in these clips and stills. Do you?)

Next, the greatly underappreciated sexy bomb, Mayra Leal:

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And, last, but not least, my Latina bombshell hottie, Michelle Rodriguez with the ridiculous body:

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