Larissa Riquelme Topless Video Brings The Fierce Latina Heat (VIDEO)


Oh, Larissa Riquelme, you slay me with your sultry boobage. You know we’ve fallen lust over heels here in the past few months for the Paraquayan caliente princess, who the World Cup brought to world attention, and who’s super hot body earns the right to remain at the center of attention. The boobs. The butt. Es todo una mujer. Finally, in this Larissa Riquelme topless photoshoot video from H magazine, we get to see mi corazon moving that amazing body of hers. Someday, I’m jetting down to Paraguay and Larissa and I shall dance. Except, I can’t dance. So maybe we’ll have to find something else to occupy the six hours or so until she manages to free herself from my poorly tied knots. Enjoy.