Kim Kardashian Boobtastic and Nipple Poke Pictures To Complete The Kim Kardashian Body Part Circle

Granted, we began the day today with Kim Kardashian boobs and lady nest in full exposure, still, it’s nice to remind ourselves that Kim Kardashian does not need to be naked to make her curves and fun bags ogle worthy. Kim Kardashian took her perfectly round melons across the pond for a late summer tour of Jolly Old England. Them boobs have got to travel. Kim strapped herself into an outfit so tight, that her ta-tas actually swelled up another full cup size and her nipples poked sharply as she and her reality-show flesh puppies strolled the finer London shoppes. I have mixed feelings about Kim Kardashian, but very unmixed when it comes to her boobs. I simply lust. Enjoy.

Photo credit: INF Photo / Splash News