Karissa Shannon Sex Tape First Look Uncensored Promo Video (Vivid Exclusive to Egotastic!)


You ever get one of these calls?

Hey, it’s Vivid. Do you think your readers would like to be the first to see some of the uncensored cuts from the Karissa Shannon sex tape we’re releasing on September 28th?

Why certainly! In our eternal attempt to keep Egotastic! readers one boob ahead of the world’s sexy celebrity oglers, get an eyeful of Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon doing all kinds of naughty boot knocking and fetish play with lucky bastard Pete from Smallville. Vivid tells me this is the most extreme celeb sex tape they’ve ever released. Considering that hallowed history includes Kim Kardashian warm golden shower moments, well, it should be something. If you’re a fan of seeing Karissa Shannon getting bumped every which way but Church Lady approved, you’ll probably enjoy this video quite a lot (and quite often). Enjoy.

Watch the Promo Video: