Emma Watson Cuts Her Hair, Goes to School, Still Looks Hot!

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Egotastic! did not in any way endorse or support the tragic cropping of the beautiful locks of the junior sextastic, Emma Watson. That haircut was a travesty of galactic proportions. However, it’s time to move past the pain and loss and focus on the lingering hotness. Emma Watson has extra sexy to spare, in my book, and so even with the ‘Supercuts #7: Johnny‘ haircut, she still catches my ogle strutting around Brown University in her little workout getup with her co-ed chums. A lesser hottie might be sunk by that ill-gotten ‘do, but Emma Watson is no lesser hottie. Enjoy.

(Updated to add: Stop the email barrage. Yes, there is nipple poking going on in some of these tank top photos.)

Photo credit: INF Photo