Emma Glover Topless Pictures To Tickle Your Humpday Nuts


Well, hello, Emma Glover. The boys at Nuts magazine have worked up a boobtastic set of photos of the sexy Emma Glover, known well to the tea-and-crumpet set, but in definite need of worldwide introduction. Usually, when I see the letter ‘F’, I have tear-filled flashbacks to my report cards during high school, but in this case, ‘F’ stands for the amazing 32F fun bags proudly on display in these Emma Glover topless pictures. Sure, some say I’m obsessed with boobs. My shrink says it goes back to my nursing days. You know, back in the day when I used to hit on big-breasted nurses on break from the local hospital. Still, if loving amazing tatas is a disease, I hope they never find the cure. Please say, ‘Good day, luv’ to the newest member of the Egotastic! family, Emma Glover. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Nuts