Chelsea Handler Sex Tape First Uncensored Look (RadarOnline Exclusive to Egotastic!)


Have you seen Chelsea Handler lately? Not like this.

I’m no big fan of Chelsea Handler. She seems like a cool chick to grab a beer with, but her upper limits of talent are Britney-Spears-is-a-mess jokes. Heck, when he’s sober, even my sexually ambiguous poda-masseuse, Riley, can knock out a decent Britney Spears slam. But one thing Riley definitely can not do is create a sex tape that anybody would care to see. The Chelsea Handler sex tape is quite different. The world has been buzzing over this bit of forthcoming celebrity boot knocking for some time now. Thanks to our friends at RadarOnline, we have our first uncensored look at the boob-shaking, trunk junking of the current darling of the television talk show, Chelsea Handler.

According to RadarOnline’s exclusive story, the full Chelsea Handler sex tape is to be released any moment now by an as yet unnamed party. But Radar was kind enough to share the first views of Chelsea Handler nude with Egotastic! so readers can be the first at their place of work or schooling to tell their buddies, ‘Hey, you know that Chelsea Handler chick? Yep, saw her getting her 3,000 mile tuneup.’ Hey, we’re not CNN. We give you the important stuff.

We’ll update as the situation warrants (that’s official speak for when we can see more boobs.)

Click here to see additional still photos of Chelsea Handler in her Sex Tape and read the full story on RadarOnline