Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka Show Off Their Cheerleader Bodies in Hellcats (VIDEOS)

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Bring it the f*** on! I've been geeked for Hellcats since the moment I heard that boobtastic Aly Michalka and pert-princessa Ashley Tisdale were cast as a couple short skirt ass-shaking cheerleaders in this completely silly new show from the CW. And, my faith in rump grinding has been rewarded. Granted, I watched the show with the sound off, a practice I would list as somewhere between recommended and required, but, I got me my spirit girls! From what I can tell, the show is about Ashley Tisdale showing her tight tummy and junkless trunk, and Aly Michalka pretending to dance, but mostly shaking her tall frame topped with two healthy baskets of cheer. It's quite perfect. I invite you to enjoy.

Watch the Hellcats!

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