Ana Ivanovic, My Secret Tennis Crush (Bonus Sweaty Nipple Pokes)

Can we talk privately? I’d like to think we have that kind of relationship now. I kind of have a thing for female tennis players, not all of them, but, you know, the select, sweaty, muscular butt and legtastic, few that swat the hell out of those round balls with a deadly-force grunt. My latest tennis crush, the powerhouse Ana Ivanovic, seen here in her first round at the U.S. Open this week. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I have dreams involving the sweaty sexy Ana Ivanovic, some catgut string, a blindfold, and tennis panties. Wow, that feels good to get off my chest.

I’m in sports lust with Ana Ivanovic, and I want the world to know!

And, some super Serbian nipple pokes from my new sports crush:

Photo credit: Splash News