Selena Gomez, The Start of Something Sexy? (VIDEOS)

Here at Egotastic!, we don’t just wait for a teen starlet to turn 18, make a big deal out of it, then turn our backs. 18 is just the stepping stone into adult hotness. Case in point, sexy Selena Gomez, who came of age last month and now charts her own course in life, one we can only hope will be full of accomplishments, proud moments, and, many many sexy and topless photo ops. Selena celebrated her new womanhood by launching her musical tour for the album, A Year Without Rain (album cover shots in the header picture), which, well, the best thing I can say about her singing is that your ears won’t bleed like after a Miley Cyrus. Of course, she hasn’t quite got the Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunctions down yet either. Hopefully that comes soon.

Here’s footage from her concerts last week, taken from a handheld camera in the crowd, so, the quality is not quite picture perfect, but if you’re a Selena fan, or you just love to ogle like I do, you’ll enjoy:

Watch the Concert Footage: