Odette Yustman Enters Egotastic! With Sexy Photo Spread in Esquire

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I'm pretty damn hip, so I listen to Weezer, well, watch, including their video for If You're Wondering If I Want You To, when I noticed the hot brunette in the video and said to myself, dang, that's the hottie from that Godzilla rip-off movie, Cloverfield. Of course, nearly at the same moment, my Esquire Mexico magazine lands on my front doorstep, featuring that sexy brunette again, Odette Yustman, Latina seductress. Now, I'm officially hooked. You don't just waltz your way into Egotastic!, you earn your way in. Consider Odette Yustman's application approved. Enjoy.

And, Odette Yustman in that Weezer video:

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Watch the Music Video:

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