Natalia Paris Topless Picture Sexy Bomb Extravaganza


Okay, since our first posting of the ridiculously sexy Colombian, Natalia Paris last week, we’ve discovered three things:

1. We still think she’s super hot.
2. You think she’s super hot.
3. She may have something of a colorful past:

This, according to Egotastic! reader ‘Carlos’ from Caracas:

Just FYI, Natalia Paris is not just Colombia´s most famous model, but most importantly she was the wife of a big shot Narco Boss in Colombia Julio Fierro (Julio The Gun), lived in Miami with him and then he got killed by former narco friends, cut in pieces and all. Big story in colombia and latin america, all about the Post Pablo Escobar era (theres a strong theory that Escobar got killed by Fierro and al the Cartel del Norte Capos, just before the Police arrived).

Hmm, a sexy girl with a past. I know what Tubbs and Crockett would do. Post a massive set of sexy photos of this Latina hottie! And, so shall we. Beautiful Natalia Paris topless pictures from this month from our friends at Soho. Enjoy.