Miranda Kerr Topless Pictures in 3-D!


Shrek in 3-D, I didn’t see the need. Resident Evil is coming out soon in 3-D, meh. Avatar 3-D, okay, reasonably cool. But, finally, 3-D has found a real reason for being — topless celebrity hotties in three dimensions! Specifically, Miranda Kerr 3-D topless pictures prove that a fifty-year old technology sometimes takes fifty-years to be the least bit worthwhile. Smoking hot Victoria’s Secret angel, Miranda Kerr is ridiculous in just two dimensions, add a third, and a bare boob, and, OVER THE TOP!

Okay, let it not be said that ‘customer service’ is not our middle name at Egotastic!. In case you don’t have a pair of pre-made 3-D glasses available: