Miranda Kerr Sexy Lingerie Pictures Spark Baby Mama Drama (BONUS VIDEO)

Miranda Kerr is pregnant. Please, no defenestrations. We will get through this. Remember when Gisele Bundchen got pregnant and we all wept together? What about Alessandra Ambrosio? That was a long night of hand holding and chamomile tea for sure. But look at them now. Seriously, look at them. Super smoking hot bodies. It will be a tough year for us, but I predict, within that year’s time, Miranda Kerr will come back even hotter than she is now. Or, you know, she’ll fall to pieces, but, that’s why God invented whiskey and man-sadness.

Take an ogle at these latest Miranda Kerr shots for Victoria’s Secret, the first her stills from the famous ‘sexy cotton’ lingerie line, followed by Miranda Kerr in black leather and stretchy things that ought drive you nuts.

Oh, yeah, also, don’t expect to see anything this amazing any time soon from Miranda Kerr; the video from Miranda’s white lingerie photoshoot with GQ earlier this summer: