Megan Fox Ignites! Rihanna Emotes! First Look at Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie (HD VIDEO)

I’ve never been a big music video fan; they’re usually like college art films, I don’t get them, and unless there’s serous skin, I don’t want to eat the healthy snacks they serve in the theaters that show them. But the new Eminem music video for Love the Way You Lie, well, that manages to combine the super sexy Megan Fox, and the luscious-lipped Rihanna, sort of a perfect storm of hotness. I still don’t get the video, I think some redneck dude is beating on Megan Fox, maybe for marrying that unemployed actor. Or losing her Transformers gig. So Rihanna licks her glove and watches their house burn. Best I can figure. Check it out.

Watch the Video in HD: