Kendall Jenner vs. Ava Sambora: Battle of the Celebrity Offspring Future Starlet Model Girls

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Here's an idea. After a record month for visitors to Egotastic! in July (thank you very much, to all of you, sincerely), let's start off August with something very safe, like, a battle of beautiful young teen model offspring of celebrities (in daisy dukes). Kendall Jenner, heir apparent to the Kim Kardashian hottie throne, in the spotlight following her racy bikini photoshoot, and Ava Sambora, model daughter of Richie Sambora (who we just saw in a 1980's vintage photo snoggling topless groupies) and Heather Locklear (who we routinely see in mugshots these days). I'm pretty sure I know which of these two is going to be a headline act in a few years, but, more importantly, which is your pick for future stardom?

Photo credit: GSi media

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