Katy Perry Areola Flash Angers Katy Cocktease


Katy Cocktease: WTF?? You’re ruining everything.
Katy Perry: What? It’s just a little areola.
Katy Cocktease: Today, a little areola, tomorrow, a nipple!
Katy Perry: You know I’d never do that.
Katy Cocktease: Do I? I don’t even know you any more… slut!
Katy Perry: Whoa, it was a wardrobe malfunction.
Katy Cocktease: Liar.
Katy Perry: I want to be popular.
Katy Cocktease: Which we will be, by showing cleavage, legs, but never boobs or our precious lady nest. Remember our oath?
Katy Perry: Yes.
Katy Cocktease: Good, now wiggle into that short dress, fire up the auto-tune, and go tease us up some cash.