Holly Peers Topless Pictures Promote Healthy Living (VIDEOS)


As you know, I start to get the shakes if I don’t see amazing boobs for more than an hour or so. My six-fingered assistant, Gretchen, says I probably need to go to rehab, but for what? For loving awesome tits? Is that really an addiction that needs a cure or is it a passion that needs to be lovingly fed?

My answer to that question led me to Holly Peers, a boobtastic glam model beloved by our friends at Nuts magazine, and, we are quite positive, soon to be be-lusted by the Egotastic! family. Holly Peers topless pictures, ridiculously hot boobs, twice a day. That’s my prescription for healthy living! Enjoy.

(UPDATE: Thanks to EgoReader Jason for providing medical evidence that staring at boobs equates to a healthier life!)

For those who’ve never seen Holly Peers before (shame on you), here’s some background reading ogling material, from some recent video photoshoots from Nuts:

Watch the (NSFW) Videos: