Doutzen Kroes Also Pregnant; The End of Victoria’s Secret Amazingness? (BONUS VIDEO)

It was only last week that I learned how a woman becomes pregnant, now I’m learning that not only the ridiculously sexy Miranda Kerr is with child, but her Victoria’s Secret cohort-angel, Doutzen Kroes is also gestating the next generation of pin-up models. Honestly, who is getting all these super hot women pregnant and, more importantly, why is it not me?

These latest Doutzen Kroes lingerie pictures for Victoria’s Secret only drip drip drip more lemon juice into the open cut that is lust-filled heart. As with Miranda, I’m going to put on the smiley-emoticon-face and assume this is but a temporary break, but, dammit, sexy angels with boobs and butts like these don’t just grow on trees. It may be time for Egotastic! to start giving lectures on the proper use of protection. As in, protecting our supply of hotness.

Goodbye, for now, Doutzen Kroes amazing bikini body. Sad. Tears. To fill the ocean.