Diana Falzone Slapped Some Coco Ass On Egotastic! Video Chat


Well, Egotastic! officially lost its virginity yesterday with its first live video chat, and who better to have in the room when you pop your digital cherry but the hot duo of Coco and Diana Falzone. Of course, it’s always awkward when the girls break off to themselves and start playing bottom-grab, albeit Coco’s ridiculous butt is perhaps the world’s most powerful hand magnet, so hard to blame Diana there.

Seriously, great fun was had by all and thank you benevolent and loyal Egotastic! readers for making our first-time such a great time. You were gentle and sweet and even though you’ll never call us back and tell all your buddies in the locker room about how easy we were, we’ll never forget you!

(Note: Thanks to ‘Apache’ for these bodacious screencaps!)

For those who didn’t make it into the chatroom, here’s the exclusive and amazingly hot photo Coco sent us in advance, in full glory. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Cocosworld