Denise Richards Bikini Pictures: Don’t Call It a Comeback (Bonus Topless Video)


Okay, but, let’s be honest it is a comeback. Not so much from the divorce from the gun/knife/bottle wielding Charlie Sheen, think she’s over that, but from the whole ‘finding herself’ meme. Denise Richards has been a perma-hottie, nearly two decades on the scene of sexy celebrity and it’s good to see her making a splash again with these Denise Richards bikini pictures from over the weekend. Rocking the MILF body that made her famous even before she was a MILF. You go, girl.

As a bonus for Egotastic! readers, here’s Denise Richards in full topless glory, caught off-guard on her E! reality show, It’s Complicated, which, if you’ve ever seen before, you really should learn to lie and say you haven’t. Still, Denise Richards topless, not too boob-shabby:

Watch the NSFW Video: