Charlize Theron Pictures Sizzle in Elle (BONUS VIDEO)


Um, I’m going to say since the last century, running well into this century, Charlize Theron has been one of the hottest celebrity women on this planet, really, hottest all women on this planet. Obviously, the good folks at Elle Russia felt-so when they photographed her sexiness in some classy, but hot photos for their September issue. It’s enough to make me renew my subscription. With neverending legs, a ridiculously hot bottom, and amazing boobs, Charlize Theron is simply a veteran, skilled, grade-A sexy woman. Yes, I’m in lust. Enjoy.

And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t post our very favorite two-minutes of Charlize Theron on the silver screen, from 2 Days in Valley, a must see if you’ve never seen before, or a must re-ogle if you haven’t seen in a while.