TGIF: Amber Heard Upskirt Pictures Kick Off Amber Heard Mega-Movie Sex Scenes (VIDEOS)


Yep, it’s Friday. We’ve pretty much emptied the refrigerator of all things alcoholic, including a really old apple juice that Bengie from IT claims is a potable fermented drink. We made him try first. And, as I slip into a blissful stage of wonderland, I can’t help but get the super hot Amber Heard off my mind. First, I saw these Amber Heard upskirt pictures from the Nylon Party the other night. Fantastic, if but a glimpse of this sexy actress’ white panties. So I followed the panties to the party pictures, where, again, Amber Heard looks ridiculously hot. Then I just figured, what the heck, let’s see her outrageously sexy and topless and nude in my two favorite Amber Heard movies, Keeping Up With The Joneses and The Informers. And because we love our readers, of course, we’re sharing it all.

Have a great weekend!

Amber Heard exiting her vehicle, forgetting all she learned in etiquette class and flashing just a wonderful bit of panties:

Jenna the Mighty’s panties pick for Amber Heard:

Simone Perele Romance Thong

Amber Heard pulled down her dress and made it into the party where she looked ridiculously hot:

Amber Heard and her wonderful boobs on display in Keeping Up with the Joneses, a movie worth seeing solely for Amber Heard and the aforementioned wonderful boobs:

Watch the NSFW Video:

And, finally, Amber Heard in The Informers, with tons of hotness and nudity and amazing Amber Heard boobage:

(Note: we’ve previously capped this movie before and you can see that in the Amber Heard archives. However, we’ve re-capped and loaded the film in a new, larger and clearer file format for maximum ogling experience.)

Watch the NSFW Video: