This Tara Reid Upskirt Picture Is An Instant Classic

What constitutes a classic Tara Reid picture?

Panties flash? Check.
Second-rate boob job cleave on display? Check.
Tequila shots with Dennis Rodman? Check.
Concerned boyfriend trying to get you to call it a night? Check.

I have no idea what Tara Reid is doing these days, or how she makes the celeb list in St. Tropez, but I think it’s fair to say that rehab didn’t hold. Which, in the spirit of ever finding a reason to post Tara Reid, as in, accidental flashes, works out pretty well for her. This Tara Reid upskirt picture is pretty much an instant classic and could easily be her yearbook photo in the Almanac of Trashed Celebrities.

Photo credit: Fame

Okay, we had to force Jenna to make a judgment on Tara Reid’s flashed underpants:

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