Paris Hilton’s Butt is on a Motherf***ing Boat!

Let’s get past all the Paris in Paris jokes, even the riffs about Paris Hilton being good with seamen, and let’s talk about why these pictures of the blonde heiress on a mini-yacht on the Seine makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Is it seeing Paris Hilton’s ass in a tight dress scrambling around on the poop deck? Is it the photog-friendly-smile permablasted on her face like the laughing plastic clown on the 15th hole at your local mini-golf arcade? Is it Paris emergency texting Nicole Richie to share her metaphysical angst inspired by the City of Lights?

Nic, what does it all mean? should I do something with my life? Lolz, j/k, my fuzzy purp dress looks A-MAZ!!!!

All of the above.

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Okay, I felt kind of guilty about ripping on Paris Hilton, so, here are some glamor shots of the blonde heiress on the boat where she genuinely just looks hot. Consider my karma evened up.

Photo credit: Fame