Kelly Brook Topless Pictures Bring Happy Birthday Memories of ‘Survival Island’ (VIDEO)


Today being my birthday, I’m feeling nostalgic for bygone days, days when I first fell in lust with the amazing Kelly Brook…

My spear-fishing buddy, John John the Bastard, always went 110-percent for me on my birthdays. And, no time greater than in 2006 when he showed up outside my bedroom window, like freaking Dawson from the Creek, toting a DVD copy of Survival Island. This was to be my first introduction to the wonders of the amazing Kelly Brook. What acting talent, what presence, what… tits! In Survival Island, Kelly Brook gets all kinds of topless and bottomless and sexed up in the water, her heavenly pillows swaying with the current, her swollen nipples pointing skyward like a brightly burning beacon for a rescue helicopter. Wow. I’ve been lust-struck with Kelly Brook ever since. And, now, if this is your first trip to Survival Island, or your tenth, I bid you an enjoyable journey.

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