Kesha Covered in Man Juice!

(Update, July 8, 2010: Still no definitive word. Egotastic! readers are flooding our mail with their own proof of Real or Fake, including historical photographic evidence. Real, because she’s wearing identical bracelets to other Kesha photos; Fake, because facial measurements don’t quite match up to other photos. For now, all I can say is…this is a fun investigation.)

We knew this day would come! We just thought we might be more actively involve in its creation.

So today’s tale goes, some nefarious bastard with access to this craptastic young entertainer leaked both a previously unheard musical track (which we would never force upon you) and this photo of Kesha (Ke$ha) holding her boobs, her body covered in male exhaust. Presumably, the work product of the photographer of this candid picture.

Note: there’s no way to currently verify this photo. I mean, it is a girl, she is holding her Tik-Toks, she is wet with love milk, and she does look exactly like Ke$ha, but, trust and verify. Updates as warranted.