Kelly Brook, My Sexy Personal Trainer (VIDEO)

Yep, my new personal trainer, Kelly Brook. It’s a genius plan. Imagine how hard you would workout if the amazingly boobtastic and sexy Kelly Brook were watching you. Personally, I’m stacking 500lbs on the bench press right off the bat and sending my tendons and ligaments straight to their death, just to make her smile. If Kelly leans over to spot me, I’m probably dropping that bar altogether and going to meet my maker. The likelihood of this ending well — well, not likely. But I’m going to enjoy every second with my workout princess until my demise.

Okay, really, Kelly Brook is pimping this JUKARI workout with Reebok, so you should watch the video to learn all about how to get fit, or, how to watch Kelly stay fit in a sports bra and sheer leggings stretched over her ridiculously hot boobs and butt. Take your pick.