Diana Vickers Upskirt Pictures Provide a Purple Panties Flash

Okay, let’s be honest, half of the British population has won or nearly won one of the eight bazillion television talent shows that wacky nation produces. But, among this multitude of ribbon wearers, Diana Vickers is really starting to get to me. She’s cute. She’s actually sexy. I think I’m falling in lust with her but fast. These Diana Vickers upskirt pictures, with a brilliant flash of Mickey D’s Grimace purple panties might just seal my fate as her virtual stalker. I think I need to go polish my telescopic lenses.

Diana Vickers, clearly not an expert in the limo exit with a skirt routine yet, thankfully, as seen here a few weeks ago in a similarly upskirty result:

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com / Splash News

Jenna’s guess on Diana Vickers super purple panties flash, you know, an intimate gift for that special lady:

Calvin Klein Women’s Lace And Cotton Thong (Purple)