Dania Ramirez Sexy Maxim Photoshoot (With Bonus Nipple Poke Candids!)

Latina hotties are perhaps one of my top ten new obsessions, and, sexy Dania Ramirez falls right into my new passion wheelhouse. She’s climbing fast up the celebrity charts; first in The Sopranos, now Entourage, and making the jump to movies. And I couldn’t be happier. Maxim is featuring this beach hottie in their August edition; she rides a horse in a bikini, you know, like most serious riders. But, hey, if you’re looking at the horse, you’re probably on the wrong website to begin with. Enjoy.

And, bonus nipple poke pictures of Dania Ramirez, here, on the set of her new film where she plays a bicycle messenger. She actually looks the part, meaning, yeah, wait for it… I’d trust her to handle my package.

Photo credit: Splash News / pacificcoastnewsonline.com