Adrianne Curry Gets Her Sexy Geek on Via Twitter

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Adrianne Curry is bored, very bored. And this works out well for us. Each afternoon after a few hours of pilates and being superbored, and before the time she puts in her KooKooRoo order for Peter Brady's dinner, her mind dances about with thoughts of new sexy twitpics to share with the world. Today's offering, Adrianne Curry gets all sexy fanboy as she opens up a can of whoop-ass on Jar Jar Binks just days ahead of Comic-Con 2010 (or, known by its alternate title, 40,000 40-Year Old Virgins). There's no denying the tautness of this sexy housewife's butt and body, and, if boredom be her inspiration, I'm running by her house later to steal her TVs and magazines. Enjoy.

Oh, Adrianne Curry also got bored on the beach recently. Again, this is a good thing:

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