A Day in the Life of Egotastic!: Sexy Christina DeRosa Pays a Visit


Yep, this happens like every day. One of my favorite ‘my kind of movie’ actresses, Christina DeRosa, stops into the office in her lingerie, to hang out on our wicked Sumo Lounge bean bag chairs (which, are the next best thing to hot girls) and watch some movies. Ah, work is hard. As is… never mind. Actually, Christina was here to tell us about her her fundraiser for Make a Wish Foundation, and to show us some of her new photos, in red lingerie. Just a note to other sexy actresses, that ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘Angry Pitbull on Premises’ signs on our front door — just for the dudes. Ladies in lingerie, come on in!

Photographer credit: Tracy Treadwell (office photo) / Howard Wise (red lingerie pictures)

Inspired by Christina’s visit, I’ve compiled clips from my favorite Christina DeRosa movies. Warning: these are NSFW videos clips.

Watch the Videos:

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