Taylor Momsen Upskirt Pictures Are Super Warped

Taylor Momsen upskirt pictures aren’t technically even upskirt pictures, seeing as how the sixteen year old Gossip Girl angry pseudo punk rocker wasn’t even wearing any bottoms on stage at the Warped Tour yesterday. Heck, she was barely wearing a top. Honestly, kids these days. Mind you, Taylor Momsen is not your average teen. She drinks, she smokes, she cusses, she flaunts her sexuality… wait, that is the average teen. I continue to remain undecided as to whether Taylor Momsen is truly sexy, or whether I’m even allowed to mention she’s sexy, let alone show pictures of her flashing panties, but, in the absence of a clear answer, I always err on the side of panties. Enjoy.

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com