Salma Hayek’s Nipples Are Damn Glad to Meet You

(Update: a number of EgoFans have written to tell me that what I see in this picture are not nipples, but dress seams covering nipples. Some are even accusing me of dreaming about seeing Salma Hayek’s nipples everywhere I look. Well, as to the former, if true, I say, shame on you dress designer, you sneaky clever nipple-mimicking bastard. As to the latter, guilty as charged. I just got a Happy Meal at McDonald’s and the McNuggets reminded me of Salma Hayek’s bountiful boobs; I’m hooked on Hayek!)

Salma Hayek is in my personal hotness Hall of Fame. She’s been flashing her smile and bodacious body, booty, and boobs for years now, all the while battling Father Time by sacrificing innocent children to her demon overlord. She’s still super sexy. And last night, she was damn excited to be appearing on the David Letterman Show. Salma Hayek nipple poke pictures prove that sexy, powerful nipples could bust through a brick wall, if properly inspired. I am thankful to bear witness to such magical cleavage and boobs. Te amo, Salma.

Photo credit: INF Photo /