Paris Hilton Nipple Poke Pictures Are Damn Glad to Meet You

Back in my day, I mean, like a week ago, it was a girl’s responsibility to put on a bra and boy’s chore to remove it. Well, those days sucked and I could never really figure out all the straps and clasps and locks and keys. Thankfully, Hollywood celebrities are leading the charge for burning their bras and heading out into public with their sexy breasts on sheer display. Paris Hilton nipple poke pictures are the latest commando trend, recently popularized by AnnaLynne McCord and her braless sisters, but certainly a regular routine for Paris the Heiress (with her sister Nicky Hilton attempting to bust through her own bra across town in sisterly support). I’m often asked why Paris Hilton remains on my radar; because she has boobs and it’s a boob-radar. Simple simple.

Photo credit: / Fame