Miley Cyrus Upskirt, Cleavage, and Wild Booty Concert Weekend

Stop it. No, not you, Miley Cyrus, you up-and-coming, sexy, young music vixen; stop it, you people who write letters about protecting Miley Cyrus’ virginal sanctity. Miley Cyrus cleavage and upskirt pictures from this past weekend’s back-to-back European concerts reveal a woman in skin-tight costumes who has come of age. Miley Cyrus is demanding you look up her skirt, check out her sexy butt, her sturdy, toned legs, and her barely-restrained boobs. She works hard for this body. So, look, dammit. Look! And, enjoy.

Miley Cyrus in Concert, ‘Rock in Rio’, Madrid:

Miley Cyrus Concert, G-A-Y Heaven, London:

Photo credit: INF Photo / WENN