Maria Sharapova Upskirt Pictures Upset At Wimbledon by Danish Teen Upskirt Pictures

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself on this one, but peeking up tennis skirts is really a sport equal to the royal game itself.)

Sexy Maria Sharapova has been flashing her white knickers for several years now beneath tennis skirts so short that just a few years ago, she’d be fined for tarty behavior and banned from Wimbledon. Well, yesterday, Maria Sharapova upskirt pictures met their match in the guise of a young hottie from Denmark, Carolina Wozniacki, who brought her own upskirts onto the grass courts, and, boy, did she bring her A-game. Sheer panties and views of the Danish pastry forced Sharapova upskirts into full retreat as youth was served and the match ended in several unforced, but very sexy errors. Breakfast at Wimbledon, it’s not just tennis.

Danish teen tennis sensation, Carolina Wozniacki:

Long time tennis hottie, Maria Sharapova: