Katy Perry’s Enormous Boobs Overshadow 2010 MTV Movie Awards

California Gurls is a hideous song with a stupid hipster title. Still, I’d listen to it on endless repeat on my iPod if I could do so swaddled in the fleshy delight of Katy Perry and her enormous breasts. I don’t get why Katy Perry keeps being voted hottest chick in the world, but I do appreciate her amazing boobs and her willingness to say to the world, ‘Hey, check out my ridiculous fun bags!’ At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Katy Perry’s tits simply stole the show; even Snoop Dogg felt his weed-sedated heart rate rise above 30 bpm when Katy got her milky pair all up in his grill. Enjoy.

(Thanks to Egotastic! tipsters for pointing out the Katy Perry cameltoe present in her ‘blue shorts’ pictures. Gracias.)