Katy Perry Shows Ton O’ Side Boob and Bare Bottom in ‘California Gurls’ (Video)

Katy Perry is inching toward topless pictures at a snail’s pace. This past week alone we’ve seen a major amount of Katy Perry cleavage, and, now, if you’re willing to sit through several minutes of musical dreck (or you’re clever enough to visit Egotastic!), you can now see generous amounts of Katy Perry sideboob (and booty) to complement your full-frontal visual references. It’s like we’re being given pieces of an amazing boob jigsaw puzzle and when we’ve finally arranged every single piece, Katy’s melons will explode with candy, like a tit-pinata. Enjoy.

(Update: the EMI police have taken down pretty much every location on the web to view this video except for our steamy fortress of love here (for the time being) and MTV, which will live forever.)

(Another Update: We’ve received numerous letters from EgoFans describing the presence of Katy-nipple at the 2:07 mark in the music video. Our director of video operations, namely, my uncle Steve with the drinking problem, tells me that what you are seeing is in fact merely a shadow effect, not a body part designed to provide life’s necessities to infants and, later on, grown men.)