Coco Bikini Pictures Are Asstounding

(Update: As EgoFans have been pointing out throughout the day, yes, there is some nipplage present among these photos, as well as some, well, let’s say, bush. Go forth and discover!)

I’m no math genius (just kidding, I am), but I would suggest that it’s arithmetically inconceivable that Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin could become any larger, or, her bikini become any smaller. Coco bikini pictures are like a three-ring circus of flesh. I’m not sure where to look first, or, in certain cases, if I want to look. But, I still look. I can’t help it. I feel for Ice-T, her husband, insomuch as he really must plot a course, like a sailor, to properly navigate the full extent of this bodacious lady. I’m left speechless.

Photo credit: INF Photo