Ashley Greene Brings the Sexy Back to Airport Security

Bad Guy #1: We have succeeded in our plans to make the Good Guys stand in long airport security lines. Bwahaha!

Bad Guy #2: Excellent. Bwahaha!

Bad Guy #1: Yes, they must wait and wait, with nothing to do but watch Ashley Greene undress down to a skimpy top. Bwahaha!

Bad Guy #2: Bwaha…. Ashley Greene?

The Bad Guys hate us because we encourage our hot women to get all immodest and sexy in public. In short, they hate us for our Egotastic! Ashley Greene took it to the Bad Guys by looking sheer and pokey and smiley as she sashayed her way through airport security. Personally, I would’ve insisted on a pat down search of the very sexy Ashley Greene, maybe a couple runs through the nude body scanner machine, followed by a cavity search of a duration upon which I would have no comment. But, that’s me, I’m thorough.