Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Released Amidst A Sea of Controversy


Remember when you were a kid and you sent away for that wicked toy that looked so cool in the back of your comic book and when it arrived it was kind of shoddy and not at all like you imagined? Welcome to the world of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape, the sea monkeys of celebrity sex tapes. Yeah, the stills ‘leaked’ by Vivid Video do look promising, and Kendra Wilkinson, before she was a super wholesome, mom-approved, female celebrity, was a pretty damn sexy future Playboy Playmate. But it’s just so hard to separate Kendra caught bumping uglies with some lucky bastard and the behind-the-scenes, shenanigans perpetrated by the Wilkinson machine to bring this tape to market. Call me old-fashioned, but I remember a day when sex tapes were leaked by opportunistic, douche-bag, ex-boyfriends.