Taryn Manning Bikini Pictures Are A Great Way To Gear Up For The World Cup

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'I don't know what it is about Taryn Manning, but there's something about this girl. How can I put this delicately? It's kind of like a car crash at the side of the road. It's not exactly pretty, but you can't help but slow down and take a look.'

Yep, we wrote that four years ago about Taryn Manning topless pictures shortly after her star turn as the hooker in Hustle & Flow. Hmm, I think we were hungover or having a bad hair day or something or maybe Taryn Manning bikini pictures just remind us that some girls take a while to blossom into swans, or, you know, hot, bikini-clad, soccer playing, beach babes. We're man enough to admit our mistakes. Now, Taryn, are you woman enough to go topless again?

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