Miley Cyrus Bikini Pictures, Awkward, But Hot (May Contain Nipple Slip)

The bad news: we’re likely going to hell. The good news: all our friends will be there too. These Miley Cyrus bikini pictures taken on vacation with Billy Ray down Mexico way, remind us that nature create indiscriminately, beautiful bikini bodies here, scratchy annoying song voices there. Miley Cyrus got both. Admittedly, we’re still a few months away from her 18th birthday, which I know our forward thinking friends in Finland and the rest of the Egotastic! world will laugh at, but, we take seriously here. So much so that I’ve put the ‘close-up’ photos in a specially marked section below so that you know exactly where NOT to look.

(Note on possible nipple slip: if you see it, you see it, but, be aware, we’ve previously posted The Miley Cyrus Nipple Slip That Wasn’t.)

…and the closeups (viewer indiscretion advised):

Photo credit: Splash News