Kate Moss Topless Pictures Get Felt Up On The Beach


Kate: Can you make it snow?
Me: Huh?
Kate: Nose candy, man. Are you daft?
Me: Huh?
Kate: Can you get me some blow?!!
Me: Um, no.
Kate: Oh, bollocks.

It’s my recurring Kate Moss dream. I have it most any night where I eat salty snacks before bed. However, Kate Moss topless pictures remind me that before all the drugs and drinking and chain smoking, Kate Moss was once one of the world’s premiere supermodels. Actually, they don’t remind me of that, but it’s still true. Mostly I see some dude feeling Kate up on the beach, she’s probably half in the bag and this is some type of international date rape. Still, we get to see Kate Moss boobs and she is famous and…I’m scared to fall asleep. Help.

Photo credit: Fame