AnnaLynne McCord and Angel McCord Braless Candids Mean These Sisters Didn’t Buy Their Own Drinks

Here’s everything you need to know about the McCord sisters: they have exuberant nipples that want nothing to do with bras. AnnaLynne McCord is the only working sister as far as I can tell, the star of the rebooted Beverly Hills 90210. She likes to party with younger sister, Angel McCord, and there’s yet another sister, Rachel McCord, who just turned twenty-one, so you can imagine we’ll soon have the trio of McCord sisters in drunken-braless-nipple-poke shots.

We’ve been tracking AnnaLynne McCord nipple pokes for a while now, so it’s nice to finally see Angel McCord’s nipples, busting out alongside her semi-conscious, braless, celebrity sister. Both McCords do have ridiculously hot bodies, sexy legs, and, of course, trailer-park-approved bicep tattoos. Keep it classy, ladies.