I Wish This Pamela Anderson Nipple Slip Was an April Fools Joke

The really sad thing about this Pamela Anderson nipple slip is that it’s NOT an April Fools Day joke. We actually live in a world where Pamela Anderson has become a freakish sideshow version of her former self where her nipples are ON TOP of her breasts. And maybe if she bought a bikini that actually fit, instead of always trying to be such a fucking whore, her freakish nipples would stay hidden, and we wouldn’t have to bear witness to such horrors.

Also, in the other picture, I’m pretty sure Pam’s checking to make sure her vagina hasn’t fallen off due to one of her myriad venerial deseases.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the site is blue today for April Fools. I know, not the most clever joke, but I liked it. If you don’t like it, the classic site design will be back tomorrow.