Bar Refaeli Bikini Pictures Should Stay Away from the Jersey Shore

If you were looking for an object lesson in how life is unfair, here it is. Here’s Bar Refaeli in a bikini with all the meathead, Guido douchebags from Jersey Shore, as photographed by Terry Richardson for Interview magazine. We kinda knew this was coming after seeing those preview shots of Bar Refaeli and “The Situation”, but this just takes it to a whole new level. Talk about a hot chick with douchebags. You don’t know how angry this makes me. Well, maybe you do. Unless you’re a douchebag, in which case, I don’t even want you reading my site, so fuck off.

Also, did you notice how she isn’t even standing straight in most of the photos because those meatheads are all so short? That’s what happens when you start lifting weights and taking steroids at the age of seven. That and you end up with shriveled raisin testicles.