These Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures Aren’t Staged At All

Sorry about leaving that Nazi whore up as the top post all weekend. Kinda forgot about it, then I got all your emails. Anyway, here are some Kim Kardashian bikini pictures to help change the mood. Supposedly these pictures were taken on Kim’s “day off,” but what I want to know is day oof from what? Did she take a day off from going to the beach in her bikini by sitting on a yacht in her bikini?

And what the fuck is up with her going to Miami every other week anyway? Is it so fucking hard to get a tan in LA, or does she just want to experience the different kinds of douchebags on both coasts? Anyway, we’re supposed to believe that these are some candid shots, taken of Kim unawares, but it feels more like she paid some photographer to “catch her” in inaction. Probably because no one’s been paying attention to her for a while. Honestly, I don’t know who’s worse, Kim or that Nazi whore.

What? Too rough?

Photo credit: Splash News