Megan Fox’s Ass is an Outtake!?


Okay, so everyone knows the entire publishing industry is in the dumps, and magazines are no exception, so why the hell would Harper’s Bazaar take this photo (above) of Megan Fox, ass up in the air, and NOT publish it in their magazine!? What. The. Fuck. Do they not understand how to sell magazine? Or do they actually think that people want to see Megan Fox fully clothed, wearing fancy dresses. They don’t. People want to see Megan Fox naked. As naked as possible. And if she has to be wearing clothes, they want to see her sticking her ass in the air, like she’s doing in this picture. That’s how you sell fucking magazines!

The other pictures is one from the magazine that we forgot to include when we posted the rest of Megan Fox’s Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot.

Update: Turns out the girl in the top picture is NOT Megan Fox. It’s actually Danish model Mia Rosing, who, it must be said, does look like Megan Fox, especially from that amazing angle. Here’s more of her from that set, and one topless shot, too.